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A secret place…

on 17 October 2015

At a secret place, that i’m actually not allowed to say where *grins*
…there is a house in the woods.

A statue of a wolf stands fast and lights the way beneath the moon, and bats (or birds).


I follow the path over a bridge and beneath an arch….


I find the entrance to the house, which overlooks a small pond vast lake.


I do some fishing before i go inside…


Inside the house, downstairs is a nice sitting area with another wolf to provide light,
but the kitchen is bare… so it is lucky there are fish outside to catch.


Upstairs is a sleeping room, with a cosy bed and a bathtub…


But, behind the bed i think i will call my own, and hide there to read for a while ^^


To the owner of this nice place: Sorry if i leave any cookie crumbs :-) xxx

And sorry to everyone else: no LM for this one ;-)


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