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on 8 August 2015

I learned that Leroy was a tricky place to explore. A friend TPd me to one part originally, a dark room…


…then he TPd me to another part, all different, for tea and coffee and a nice view of a ship.


I forgot to make a LM of the place so when I saw him online again I asked him what place it was,
and after a while he remembered, found it again, and TPd me again…
to the corridor outside the dark room (which is actually in the sky)..


…and then again to the ground ‘Restaurant’… I don’t know how he did that >.<

I figured out that Landmarks don’t always allow you back to the point where it was made…
or at this place I couldn’t TP from one area to another that I had a LM for
because it said I was as close as I could get already…
but if I went to another sim, and then used that LM it worked… strange!

With some clever use of my camera, I managed to get to Restaurant myself,
and showed other people… and enjoyed the cake there ^^

I also found two other places in the sky! This little area:


And a cute place where you can do strawberry picking ^^


Here are some Landmarks and instructions
(remember you may not be able to TP from one part to another… you have to leave first)

Corridor to dark room / Edelasse:

Jamais / Restaurant:

Onto the ship:

Now I tell you the secret to get to the part with the telescope ;-)
From the corridor / dark room place you need to cam as far as you can, like, very high draw distance… and then you will hopefully see the place. Then to get there I looked for something to sit on… and I luckily saw two poseballs… and it worked! The problem is that these poseballs can be hidden, so if you don’t see them behind the dog then either move your mouse around in that area until you hover over the pose ball, or use CTRL+T


Now, to get to the strawberry part you need to fly from the part with the telescope…
but you can’t fly here… unless… *grins* you take a friend with you to wait at the telescope,
then you leave to somewhere where you can fly, and get a TP back so you are still flying…
then fly out to the edge of the sim, and down until you see the strawberry place.
I hope that gets you there ^^


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