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From Purple to Teal (via Periwinkle and Slate)

on 23 May 2015

Okay, so I have mentioned the place called Purple a few times.
It has a dock where you can travel by boat to Cecropia where there is a nice park.
There is a little forest that leads to a nice beach…
And there is a train station…


This time I took the train to see where it would take me, and the next stop was at Periwinkle (another great name!)


It’s a nice station here and it was even snowing which made it extra nice so I got off the train.
I found a park with benches to sit on, and hidden round the corner I found a playground.


The roundabout goes very fast!
I noticed that on the wall of the station there was a map showing where the train was,
so you can leave the park just in time for the next train.


The next stop, after passing through Maroon and Magenta, is Slate.

The long bridge at Maroon is good.


There is a tunnel through a mine too… I guess there is actually slate at Slate :D


This is a simple station but there is a nice house nearby ^^


Back on the train to the end of the line at Teal you can continue the rest of your journey by gondola.



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