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Free and fun places to stay and visit in Second Life

Lago de Prata


As you can see, Lago de Prata is a big place to explore in Second Life.

I arrived at some aeroplane landing strips in the jungle and nearby is a cafe with some nice cakes.


I walked on a little further and found there are some things to do…

First, a bungee jump!


Then archery….


There are some huts in the area… but they’re not a hotel ;-)
They look nice though, and one has a jacuzzi :D


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Avalon Shores

Avalon Shores in Second Life is like a tropical place with a beach, outdoor club area,
with places to hang out with friends and play games… it was very quiet each time i visited.


In the middle you might just see the waterfalls… here is a slightly better view:


There are nice views from the beach…


Here are the nice places to relax…


I saw a little bird…


There are also parrots…


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Motor Racing in Second Life

There are probably many places to enjoy motor racing in Second Life, but here are a few places I’ve visited recently…

First is Billionaire GP which is at Shiva.
You will need the group tag active to rez your vehicle in the paddock,
then you can go off and try and set your best time… mine was about 40 seconds I think… :D

racing1Then I found this one at Nin.

racing2It’s longer than Billionaire GP and took me around two minutes to complete a lap.

racing4There is also a cute little house under the race track:

racing3Then, if you like biking there is a club to get a drink at at The Cabana.
It has a road running round it that you can race on,
although you will have to record your own lap times here…

racing5The bar is call Knights Reapers and the bar stools are interesting!

racing6Outside there is a drum kit… and a BBQ… yummy!

racing7Here are the links:

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Rati Alliez

At Rati Alliez in Second Life is ‘Wizard Hat Studios’.
As you can see, it is a very beautiful place to explore…


There are a couple of castles and one is a gallery.


When I was looking around I saw a deer and I noticed it was actually an avatar,
I was going to IM the deer to say it looked good… but i saw in it’s profile that it was a bot…


Then when i looked around some more, and I sat by a gate… I noticed even a tree was a sim bot…
it was funny when it walked off :D


Then I saw a horse that was a bot!
You will also see there is a couple dance post, so you can dance here too…


And my last picture is a night time one :-)


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La Coste

At La Coste is a castle and a house… but sadly there are ban lines round those…
However, the area next to these is quite nice – maybe good for a photo ^^



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Sands of Time

If you want to visit a place in Second Life with an Arabian theme then this is certainly good.


It’s a nice place to explore outside among the terraces and fountains.


Or inside and deep in a cavern is treasure to be found ;-)


It’s a nice place to be with friends because there are places to sit and drink tea…


….and there are places to dance too (although the couple ones outside were broken when i tried them).


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